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Wrap Around Baby

Bridging the gaps from the beginning

At Wrap around Baby we provide full family support for all of your pregnancy and postpartum needs in the LA, OC, San Diego , and surrounding areas. We offer everything from daytime and overnight doula support, lactation and breastfeeding consultations, to sleep training and nanny matching. 

About Us

Megan Masler 


Megan started out as a nanny and transitioned into birth and postpartum doula work. She graduated from California State University, Fullerton with a degree in Anthropology and worked as a research manager in nutrition for the university. After spending some long days alone in a lab, she realized that birth work was her passion and decided to work full time as a doula. In 2018, she started OC Lactation Station to support breastfeeding and postpartum moms. In 2020, she received her IBCLC and in 2021 became an RN. She is currently studying at UCLA for her FNP. Her passion is providing culturally competent and unbiased, evidence based care for all of our clients.

Vanessa Garcia

Vanessa also started out as a nanny providing in-home care for 13 years. Vanessa completed child development courses at Saddleback College and realized that her passion lay in newborn care and supporting new families. She then transitioned into full time postpartum doula and sleep coach work. Vanessa’s passion lies in helping new parents create healthy sleep habits and providing emotional and physical support during their postpartum journey. For Vanessa, our clients are her top priority. 

How are we different? 

We noticed that new parents were having a hard time finding information and relaying it between all of their different care providers. When you work with Wrap Around Baby, we take the middle man out and ensure that all of your care providers are on the same page. Your lactation consultant is in communication with your doula, your OB/midwife, and your pediatrician to allow for the best outcomes for your family. 

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Postpartum Doula

A postpartum doula is a postpartum expert who comes to your home to help support you through your transition into parenthood. They provide both daytime and nighttime support to allow for both education and a good night's rest. 

Lactation Consultant

A lactation consultant, IBCLC,  is an infant feeding expert that provides education and hands on support for breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding parents. They help with everything from latching issues to tongue ties and may be covered by your insurance. 

Sleep Consulting

A sleep consultant is a professional who helps to create and implement a plan for your little one to sleep better. Each plan is customized to your baby's needs. 



“Vanessa is a rare doula who observes, and tends to, the entire household. She treats all of her clients like family. She will care for your child/children as if they are her own. She will help guide you through postpartum like you are her sister trying to recover from growing and then birthing a tiny human (or going through the emotionally and financially taxing process of surrogacy or adoption). Whatever your situation, Vanessa will care for you and your family as her own.”

Lisa W. 
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